Naz Kaser of Naz's Kitchen

Hi!  My name is Naz and I'm a mum to three kids.  I have a busy work and family life and after a long day used to dread having to spend hours in the kitchen making meals for my family.  

I'll be honest a lot of the time we just used to have to order a takeaway or have a microwave meal.  Ok- these are quick and easy, but soon after the mom guilt would kick in as I knew they weren't healthy.

Also they tasted mediocre at best.  As all mums,  I wanted to make sure my family loved their food and were eating something that was healthy and tasty.  

To save myself precious time I started to pre make small containers full of all the spices I would need to make different meals- mixed together, all weighed out.  When it then came to making a meal, I did not have to hunt for the weighing scales or what seemed like hundreds of different jars, pots and packets for the herbs and spices needed to make a delicious curry or side.  I shared my pre made mixes with a few other mums who were in the same situation as me- with the aim to encourage them to make delicious food, FAST!

With the lockdown I found myself having to cook 2-3 times a day rather than once in the evening.  I started to share my meals and recipes on instagram and was amazed by the positive feedback and number of requests on how I made the mixes.  As a result more and more people wanted to try my mixes and Naz's Kitchen was born.

I hope you enjoy the spices as much as I do!    Love Naz x

Naz' Kitchen Love Naz x